Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dreamers, beautiful people lost in reverie

Dreamers (Albert Moore)

I came accross this painting on one of my visits to Birmingham Art Gallery yesterday and in a room filled with beautiful and life size oil paintings this one immediately caught my attention. Albert Moore is renound for his ability to capture 'beautiful people in beautiful situations' and this picture I think typifies this notion. The painting depicts the same model three times over. This lack of physical variety causes the eye to skim the canvas, for no one figure pulls attention from another. Their robes dissolve into the fabric of the background, creating an expansive study of drapery and its physical idiosyncrasies. This apparent monotony actually creates a dream-like quality to the work, enhanced by the consistent color palette Moore employs. This dream like quality I feel is more pronounced and captivating in person, overall the air of a lazy afternoon spent day dreaming is insinuated. While a deeper reading of Moore's work is certainly possible, the painting likely depicts nothing more than "beautiful people in beautiful situations."


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