Tuesday, 24 August 2010


ok, well not literally, but I have just arrived back from a three week stint of travelling around the country avec ma famillie, including the likes of Cornwall (St Ives, one of the most beautiful towns I've ever been to), Wales and Chester. Also been busy collecting the dreaded As results which went better than I could have asked for. Also.... I have started work on my new art project for my A level module which I have decided to base on the Brothers Grimm version of 'Cinderella'. You would not believe that that fun, light hearted happily-ever-after disney version could have been based on a story which includes death, violence, abuse and the chopping off of various feet. I am starting off by creating a mini sketchbook which just explores the story and the characters within it. I ultimately want to make the outcome of this project related to theatre design, as this is what I am hoping to go on to study at degree level, and am thinking of making Cinderellas dress in some way... havent fully develoed the idea yet however.

I have begun to experiment with the idea though, and these are a few images of my work thus far.

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