Monday, 5 July 2010



Saturday, 3 July 2010

Abigail Trotman

On Thursday I went to the New Designers exhibition in London which displays the best work form all the major arts collages around the country. This work is by Abigail Trotman, who exhibited her final work from her degree in contemporary textile practice at Cardiff School of Art&Deign. Needless to say she was awarded first class honours. This piece of work I saw (seen above) Titled museum no.1, was influenced by medical science, and the artists' fascination with the concept of life and death. Her work has a definite vintage quality and a darkness to it which I am drawn to. Check out her website to see more work produced during her young career:
I've been inspired by her work and really hope she has a successful career ahead of her.

Tim Walker

Yea so its another Tim Walker creation, I am actually obsessed with this man at the moment. Really think this should be used in a campaign against netting,

on the other hand vogue is a nice place for it as well.