Friday, 25 June 2010

Tim Walker

If I had the chance to be inside this mans head for the day, I'm betting it would be the most bizarre day of my life. He has the sort of visions that most only get after the consumption of too much alcohol and he turns these visions into a beautiful, photographic reality which, if one were to jump into, they would be caught up in the fairy tale of their dreams.
I adore Tim Walkers work in every way and he has provided me with so much inspiration over the past few years. I was drawn to his work before I was even aware of it, having collected many a bizarre image from various magazines and adverts, I came to realize that they were all the products of the same brilliant, but quite obviously insane brain. I mean, who thinks of spraying five Persian cats candy pink and yellow, and then go on to photograph their disgruntled faces?
An artistic genius. that's who.
Seriously cannot sing this mans praises loud enough.


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